Linggo, Enero 18, 2015

TAGAYTAY: Casa Minerva

TAGAYTAY : Casa Minerva
by: Shamane Mukthar

About a week ago, I went past the borders of Metro Manila and ventured towards the city of Tagaytay. I wasn't alone, though. I was with the Loyola family and some of our other friends. The plan was to basically have a road trip, with a boy of stopping by to look at a few views, waiting at local restaurants and looking for a cozy place to spend the rest of the night in. So after a 2hr drive in the busy cities between Manila and Tagaytay, we finally got to visit the suggested Casa Minerva.

Casa Minerva is a two storey house with 3 comfy bedrooms in the 2nd floor and 1rook with bathroom in the first floor. There are 3 bathrooms all over the entire house and a dining table. Kitchen utensils are already provided.

A living room is also located on the 2nd floor of the house and it comes with a sing-along videoke

The parking area can accommodate two light vehicles and there's plenty of space just outside where you can park your extra car.

It also comes with a wide spaced veranda where you can feel the breezy weather of Tagaytay

And for the bonus, Casa Minerva offers a very pretty swimming pool. it's just that, the time we were there, we couldn't afford to spend too much time swimming because of the very cold weather.

Staying at Casa Minerva was indeed a very good decision, 5 out of 5. A cozy place where you can bind with your family and friends and a very comfy spot where you can really relax and have a real vacation away from the noisy streets of Manila. It is truly a hidden gem in the City of Tagaytay!

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